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By michaelpough
  • Adult Website without compromise.

Start an Adult Membership Website. Receive weekly or monthly payments from your supporters. Need a free website where fans/supporters are able to enjoy your content for free? You have the option to do that as well. Want a Members Only website where only your supporters are able to enter your site? You can do that too. No matter your website needs, we can help.

  • Allow your content to work on multiple platforms.

Get the most out of your content. Joining FLAANation will allow you to grow and increase your income. Make your site with us your main income or as a side income. Use the same artwork from other platforms on your FLAANation website. Get the most $$ possible from your content.

  • Have a peace of mind.

No need to hide your adult content. No more having to deal with rule changes or worrying if your account will be disabled or deleted like other platforms. You have your own account with CCbill.Com The leader in adult credit card processing.

  • Have no time? Busy making content and need a an alternative platform? 

We do all the work for you! You send us your content. We'll purchase your domain name, build the website, fill the website with your content, tag the website, setup google analytics, post blogs and do updates for you. You will not get this type of service anyhere else. No fees. No service charges.

  • What's the Percentage Splits. 

FLAANation membership platform is built with a tier system in mind. Sliver and Gold tiers prices are setup by you. Weekly, monthly, yearly plans are available to fit whatever pricing you need.
Sliver Tier: is the very basic tier and always gives the most affordable way for members to support you. Normal/Standard images only. No downloading zip galleries. No downloading movie links. Streaming only. 
Gold Tier: comes with HD image links, downloaded comic links,downloaded movie links and the option to setup bonus content links. All of these features and perks base. You just upload the content and the website does the rest. 
Prime Tier: This tier of support gives your supporters access to all artists Gold and Sliver tiers in the FLAA Network. This is a premium membership but it gives your supporters so much more in terms of quality and quantity of content. 
All content posts are labeled automatically. Users perks are set automatically depending.

Sliver Tier % Gold Tier Percentage Splits are as follows:

  1. Sliver-Gold: You'll earn 70% for every sign-up and rebill. (These percentages are negotiable, depending on your member count and growth)
  2. Prime Tier: You'll earn 60% for every sign up and rebill.  (These percentages are negotiable, depending on your member count and growth)
  • How do I get Paid?

Payouts are sent by CCBill every week, every two weeks or every month via bank wire or check, all around the world. You'll be given a CCBill admin to check your members, check payouts and more( this feature will be integrated into your site very soon without the need to log into CCBill.Com).

Ready to get started or want to know more? 

Contact us by e-mail or discord at Soshi#8472. We'll be happy to help with any queations you may have or get you started and go LIVE in no time. (Please allow 24-48hrs for reply)

-Michael Pough


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