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Greetings Comrades.

Today’s update is a bit of character experiment, horse boy trap. Or a small teet horse futa if you want to think about it that way.
Make sure to let me know in comments if you enjoy this character or if i should leave it as an experiment.

Also i have updated print shop with part 1 of Peach Poledance :HERE

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Welcome, Comrades, to Dmitry’s Futa. This site features some of the most luscious ladies with cocks around. His expertise in mixing soft, curvy and muscular yet always sexy is extraordinary. Wonderfully themed and creative situations with all original content and original characters. Dmitry really knows how to set the scene and get you into the moment. You’ll also be able to feast your eyes on the terrific works of Green Griffen’s as well. She is the featured guest artist and compliments Dmitry’s artwork very well; including comic pages. On top of the stunning artwork you will be able to read well written, stimulating stories by the talented Ada. Updated weekly. Get a load of Dmitry’s sexy studs for yourself. Sign up to see more and to show your support for Dmitry’s Futa.


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