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Last site update: 3-23-2016: Chloe – Page18(WIP)



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Let me welcome you into the Hentai world of Melkor Mancin. All original artwork! Mainly based around original characters such as Sidney, Janice, Chloe, Candy and more. Character descriptions as well as comics and pin-ups are all included. Each character as sexy as the next. From the cute, innocent, naive to the very sexy and sex crazed. New original and beautiful girls to come. Comics are full of wonderfully detailed artwork and are accompanied by great stories that get your imagination going and more. Enjoy black and white as well as full color comics. The site also features comics and pin-ups under Galleries of collaborations and trades, sketches and inks and miscellaneous; with both original and known characters. For added convenience, some of the comics are also available in English and Portuguese. Come and see all there is to discover in this world. Sign up to see more and to show your support for Melkor Mancin.


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