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Mission Statement
F.L.A.A., Inc aims to be an all around mature/adult entertainment company. Branching soon into different forms of entertainment such as distributing comic books, animation shorts and movies and modeling ( Vo Girls ). As well as merchandise, such as t-shirts, calendars and more. In addition, F.L.A.A., Inc will also enter into other types of non-adult entertainment sometime in the future.

More About F.L.A.A.,Inc
Founded in November 2006 by Benjamin Michael Pough, F.L.A.A.,Inc started its first big push into Erotic Artwork and Hentai with its first site, MonsterHentai.Com. Monster Hentai would bring together some of the best artist from around the world to draw at a level never seen outside of japan for any erotic/hentai site. Monster Hentai took off and was a big success. The success of the site would be short lived, sadly, due to a new rule from Visa. Monster Hentai was forced to shut down.

In 2007, Michael, would come up with an idea that would continue to push F.L.A.A.,Inc forward to where it had been with Monster Hentai and beyond. Late 2007 he would approach an artist by the name of REIQ about an idea on starting a website based on his adult artwork. REIQ, being an Monster Hentai artist, quickly jumped on the chance to have his own pay site. Jigglygirls.Com would become one of the biggest and most well known adult artist sites on the internet. He would soon after bring other artist onboard. Moehentai.Com, Hentai-Shemales.Com, HentaiTNA.Com, and CutePet.Org. These sites would continue to move F.L.A.A.,Inc forward.

Michael would soon after get a chance to talk to one of his favorite artist, Kevin J. Taylor! After a few e-mails, he realized that his favorite artist would be signing up to F.L.A.A.. This was a chance that he could have only dreamed of! Now it was really happening!

In 2011, he would get yet another chance to work with another great artist. An artist by the name of Dmitry. DmitrysFuta.Com would grow to be another great success for F.L.A.A.,Inc.

With more and more artist onboard, F.L.A.A.,Inc is positioning itself to be one of the best Erotic Art /Hentai companies to date.